When a movie leaves a mark on your heart, then it is evident that it is a good movie and there are chances that you will see that movie again. Have you ever thought of what made the movie so special? It could be the actors, the story, the message the movie has conveyed, etc. could be the reason behind making the movie special. Here is a list of movies, which you would like to see again and again for its brilliant making, acting, and the storyline.

Avatar is considered as one of best movies ever made. The visual treat one got from the movie is unforgettable. The special effects have been used to the core so that one can actually feel what is going on in the movie. The film made use of the complete 3D technique which was successful in showing the visual beauty. It is a special movie that talks about the lover story of cross-species and this movie are worth seeing again. The Scarface movie tells you the story of an immigrant who turned as a gangster. The movie will take you through the power, the gangster earns and how greed can destroy a person.

The notebook which was released in 2004 portraits a beautiful love story that starts with the teenage and ends as they get older. The movie tells about how women measure a man. The 1999 flick Audition is also on the list of good movies to watch. This picture can be put under the horror movies. The story is about a man planning to get married again and for that he keeps an audition. The women he selects is of a strange nature, and that is where the story starts. This movie keeps the viewer glued to his seat until the finish.

The 2006 movie The One Percent portraits a life which most of us will never have. The story is about the wealthiest families in America and how the wealth affects a young person in his future. In the movie Cinderella Man, you can see the fights a person has to do so that he can get the heavyweight championship. This movie gives you the true spirit of sports along with a beautiful love story. Many dialogues in the movie gained so much popularity that people still remember the scenes. The 1995 movie Bad Boys is still a personal favorite to many. This buddy cop movie was made alive by Martin Lawrence and will smith. The exciting car races, superb visuals will make you watch the movie again and again.

The movie Leon: The professional released in 1994 was an immediate hit. This movie says the story about a professional assassin who teaches a young girl the tricks of the trade and helps her to seek vengeance to the person who has killed her parents. This is one of those movies where you will be taking the side of the killer rather than the hero. Other movies like Love& Basketball, Hurt Locker, Princess Bride, Gandhi, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Pirates of the Carribean, Knock out, Back to future, etc. has also made to the list of the movies which falls in the all-time favorites. When you watch these movies once, it is a guarantee that you will go back again to watch it.